Technical Support

Optoacoustics delivers products and services that meet the highest international performance and quality standards. Our technical support team is dedicated to helping you utilize our products to their fullest potential.

Product Installation

Optoacoustics' product specialists are highly skilled individuals who have received extensive training in product installation and optimization. Our deployment procedures bring professional know-how, ensuring you complete success and satisfaction throughout the product life cycle.

Continuing Technical Support Services

Optoacoustics’ technical support personnel are available 24/7, 365 days a year via our main office. When contacting us by telephone or by email, you can expect a prompt, useful response. Find technical support contact information here.


All Optoacoustics' products are sold with a one-year limited warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. Should a product be faulty or fail to perform to the agreed specifications, we will provide a model-for-model replacement. Where available, you can also purchase an extended warranty to protect your investment and ensure uninterrupted productivity.


As many of our customers will attest, Optoacoustics' products generally perform flawlessly, providing many years of service. When a new Optoacoustics product is released that supersedes or surpasses the capabilities an existing product, we encourage our customers to perform an upgrade to be able to enjoy the benefits of the new product. Because upgrading can also reduce our own technical support liabilities over the long term (as well as make for more satisfied customers) we frequently offer to upgrade products at economical rates.

If you have an Optoacoustics product that has been in operation for more than 5 years, check with us to see if an upgrade is available.