The ultimate solution for capturing speech in MRI.
The industry-standard microphone for MRI research and clinical settings, now in its third generation.

Product Highlights

  • The most advanced optical microphone available for MRI
  • Crisp, clear speech in real time
  • Completely automatic recording and accurate speech synchronization for any TTL or stimulus
  • Plug-and-play console with selectable, automatic noise reduction and built-in loudspeaker
  • Monitor filtered speech instantly, while recording to a PC, flash disk or an IP network connection
  • Strap-on microphone ultra-flexible boom enables instant, easy mounting on your RF coil, regardless of size
  • Microphone has specially-designed holder for hygienic pop-screens
  • Our OptiMRI™ software provides a complete set of MRI output post-processing functions, along with many advanced capabilities
  • Completely safe, field-proven, certified EMI/RFI immunity
  • The go-to fMRI microphone - a long history of excellent performance and reliability

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MRI’s most advanced adaptive noise cancelling microphone
  • Crisp, clear speech with very low latency
  • Automatic noise reduction with four selectable modes
  • Inherent low self noise, wide bandwidth, a high dynamic range, and high directivity
  • Dual orthogonal phase and amplitude matched pressure gradient optical microphones, arranged to capture input sound at the precisely the same location
  • Field-proven where the most robust noise cancelling is demanded


Intelligent integration at every level
  • Hear precisely what is being said in the bore, in real time
  • Fully compatible with all MR scanners
  • Microphone attaches and detaches in seconds from any RF coil
  • Console’s small footprint makes it standard control room equipment
  • Complete set of input and output connectors supports full integration with MR synchronization and recording devices
  • Bundled recording and post-processing software optimized for MRI scan workflow

Plug & Play

Simple, intuitive control - just connect and start working
  • Operator console with robust, built-in loudspeaker and adjusting knobs for manual override
  • Built-in advanced DSP with three selectable noise reduction modes
  • Analog and digital connections for output recording to a PC or USB storage device
  • BNC input connections for synchronizing speech with up to three TTL signals in real time
  • Advanced, popular OptiMRI™ software included
  • Designed for ease of use in research centers, hospitals and clinics

Hear it Now

Note that you may wish to lower the volume of your speakers before sampling these sounds.

Above are 'before and after' audio samples and waveforms from typical MRI environments that use Optoacoustics' patented fiber optic microphone technology.

How Optoacoustics' Adaptive Noise Reduction Works

EPI sequences used in MR imaging can produce acoustic noise levels as great as 130 dB (about as loud as a jet plane at takeoff), as well as very high electromagnetic and radio frequency noise. These noises are not just discomforting to patient and staff alike, they render standard microphones useless for communications.

Our advanced noise cancelling optical communications products enable safe, crystal-clear verbal communications among MRI staff, as well as between doctors and MRI patients.

We achieve this using two complementary techniques:

  • Using pressure gradient optical microphones with inherent low self noise, wide bandwidth, a high dynamic range and a high directivity index.
  • Using two separate phase and amplitude matched microphones, arranged orthogonally, to capture input sound at the precisely the same location. 

No other microphone available today offers the level of performance, reliability and ease of use that is provided by our FOMRI™ and IMROC™ systems.


FOMRI has been developed in close collaboration with many of the world's leading MRI research institutes.

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Case Studies

Optoacoustics' FOMRI-III cancels any type of EPI noise as you listen or record. You hear crisp, clear speech instantly.