IMROC IR Wireless Communication

Optical, Multichannel, two-way, noise cancelling system for interventional MRI
Our second generation IMROC brings wireless IR mobility as well as unsurpassed clarity to MRI communications.

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight fiber optical headphones. With its multi-channel adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation, IMROC brings hands-free, full duplex communications between MRI scanner and control rooms
  • Wall-mounted diffuse IR transmitters mean no cables or wires, in fact complete freedom of movement in the MRI suite
  • Personal control unit for each doctor supports channel selection, microphone muting and headphone volume control
  • Control room mixing console supports full duplex communication among doctors and technologists, and also enables control over the interactive environment: muting participants, adjusting noise reduction, adjusting a patient’s music volume.
  • Built-in MP4 stereo entertainment system, to make patient comfort complete
  • Class 1 Laser System, US FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Completely safe, field-proven, certified EMI/RFI immunity

Talk & Walk

New productivity using MR-safe communications
  • Fully wireless system uses diffused IR (DIR™) transmission — no RF, no cables, no restrictions
  • Doctors can speak with each other, with their patient, and with technologists
  • Enables up to eight concurrent dialogs during a scan – five staff members, plus a patient
  • Crisp, clear speech with very low latency
  • Adaptive DSP-based noise reduction filters out EPI gradient noise, ensuring excellent sound quality
  • Lightweight self-hearing headset with built-in ear defenders, high fidelity optical speakers, and FOMRI dual channel noise cancelling microphone.
  • Automatic noise reduction with four selectable modes
  • Field-proven reliability


A professional duplex system with a rich feature set
  • Total interactive control over channel configurations, headset and microphone operation in real-time
  • Uses personal control units in combination with an advanced control room mixing console
  • Automatic or selective control over advanced capabilities such as multi-channel adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • Selectable headset noise attenuation of up to 30 dB
  • Music can be sent directly to a patient using the built-in MP4 player or by connecting a compatible external player to the mixing console


Hands-free, cable-free flexibility for any iMRI suite
  • Supports any combination of headset and user channel arrangements
  • IR technology provides total wireless coverage in both the scanning room and the control room. No RF.
  • Integrates optoacoustic transducers developed specifically for high-field MRI environments, state-of-the-art DSP, and lightweight fiber optical headsets
  • A control and switching unit is provided for each doctor, enabling complete personal control over microphone and headphones
  • Supplemental headsets can be added for use by technologists or guests
  • Features an MP4 stereo patient entertainment system

Hear it Now

Note that you may wish to lower the volume of your speakers before sampling these sounds.

Above are 'before and after' audio samples and waveforms from typical MRI environments that use Optoacoustics' patented fiber optic microphone technology. 

How Optoacoustics' Adaptive Noise Reduction Works

EPI sequences used in MR imaging can produce acoustic noise levels as great as 130 dB (about as loud as a jet plane at takeoff), as well as very high electromagnetic and radio frequency noise. These noises are not just discomforting to patient and staff alike, they render standard microphones useless for communications.

Our advanced noise cancelling optical communications products enable safe, crystal-clear verbal communications among MRI staff, as well as between doctors and MRI patients.

We achieve this using two complementary techniques:

  • Using pressure gradient optical microphones with inherent low self noise, wide bandwidth, a high dynamic range and a high directivity index.
  • Using two separate phase and amplitude matched microphones, arranged orthogonally, to capture input sound at the precisely the same location.

No other system available today offers the level of performance, reliability and ease of use that is provided by our IMROC™ and FOMRI™ systems.

Case Studies

"Attendees were captivated by a live catheterization being broadcast from an Interventional Cardiac MRI Suite at the Children's National Medical Center while a panel of experts interacted with operators onsite."

— from SCMR 2017 Session Highlights Summary

Source: Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC

Optoacoustics' IMROC-IR Communications System not only made this landmark iCMR live broadcast possible, it empowers Interventional MRI itself every day – enabling doctors, staff and patient to converse freely and calmly, despite the difficult EPI gradient noise.

The IMROC-IR Communications System is found today at the forefront of research and treatment at the world's leading iMRI facilities.


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