Optoacoustics’ OPTIMIC and FOSA systems are purely analog and optical with standard line output. With many models developed and customized over the years, we can recommend the optimal model.

Our fiber optic microphones and accelerometers bring high precision monitoring and early fault detection capabilities to any equipment, regardless of the environment.

Completely passive, spark-free and EMI/RFI immune, these systems are ideal for the harshest conditions: high temperature, high voltage, high RF, high volatility or high corrosion. The technology starts at <1 Hz (both for microphones and accelerometers) thus providing infrasound monitoring, as well as seismic vibration monitoring.

The optical fiber connections can be extended over great distances with negligible signal loss, and offer outstanding long-term reliability and environmental stability, with complete end-to-end monitoring hardware flexibility, with a wide variety of mounting, feedthrough and installation options.