Crystal™ Crystal™ - EOU 1000 XLR-TRS Stereo Amplifier console front Crystal™ - EOU 1000 XLR-TRS Stereo Amplifier console back

Optoacoustics' CRYSTAL is the first high quality fiber optic microphone for permanent installation in large performance spaces such as cathedrals, public or school auditoriums, and sporting halls.

Made entirely of ultra-clear acrylic and suspended by its own clear fiber optic connecting cable, the Crystal is practically invisible to an audience.

The CRYSTAL is an extremely lightweight microphone that provides outstanding sound fidelity, with remarkably low self-noise and vibration sensitivity, compared to conventional microphones of similar size.

A completely passive device without metal or electronics, the CRYSTAL is immune to RFI and EMI disturbances caused by cell phones, broadcast transmitters, transformers, power lines and other equipment often operating in the vicinity. That means super-clean, professional-quality performances and recordings.

The CRYSTAL is bundled with its own high end amplifying unit and 100 meters of connecting fiber optic cable.