OptoActive II™ - OptoACTIVE-II headphones OptoActive II™ - Active+passive noise cancelling OptoActive II™ - Ultra-slim form factor fits all head coils OptoActive II™ - OptoACTIVE fits new-generation head coils OptoActive II™ - FOMRI-III noise cancelling microphone OptoActive II™ - OptoACTIVE hybrid touch screen console OptoActive II™ - OptoACTIVE hybrid touch screen console OptoActive II™ - OptoACTIVE Electro-Optical Unit

OptoActive™ active noise cancelling headphones open new MR research areas, including the study of sleeping and hearing disorders, autism, children suffering from claustrophobia, and auditory fMRI:

  • Cancels the most annoying MR EPI gradient noise, both actively and passively
  • Extraordinarily clear sound for passing stimuli, music and communications
  • Ultra-slim headphones compatible with today's tight 32- and 64-channel fMRI head coils for 3T, as well as with all standard MR head coils
  • Quiet two-way communications during a scan using bundled FOMRI-III™ noise cancelling microphone
  • Self-hearing headphones with real-time SPL monitoring and recording
  • Self-calibration at both session and patient levels, as well as manual fine calibration of both left and right channels (0.1 dB resolution)
  • Simple operation with digital touch screen Operator console, as well as advanced hardware and software control
  • Real-time display shows noise exposure, stimuli levels and spectrum analysis
  • Built-in Waves® MaxxAudio® digital sound enhancement
  • US FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Completely safe, field-proven, certified EMI/RFI immunity


A portion of the ANC algorithm used in OptoACTIVE is licensed from MRC, Institute of Hearing Research (IHR)
at Nottingham, UK.