The industry-standard microphone for MRI research and clinical settings, now in its third generation:

  • The most advanced optical microphone available for MRI
  • Crisp, clear speech in real time
  • Completely automatic recording and accurate speech synchronization for any TTL or stimulus
  • Plug-and-play console with selectable, automatic noise reduction and built-in loudspeaker
  • Monitor filtered speech instantly, while recording to a PC, flash disk or an IP network connection
  • Strap-on microphone ultra-flexible boom enables instant, easy mounting on your RF coil, regardless of size
  • Microphone has specially-designed holder for hygienic pop-screens
  • Our OptiMRI™ software provides a complete set of MRI output post-processing functions, along with many advanced capabilities
  • Completely safe, field-proven, certified EMI/RFI immunity
  • The go-to fMRI microphone – a long history of excellent performance and reliability