Lightning™ Lightning™ - EOU 2500 10-channel rack-mount unit, with XLR outputs

All Optoacoustics pro-audio fiber optic microphones use our specially-designed electro-optical unit (EOU) to provide regular analog signals for recording and monitoring, and to maintain the highest performance. The following EOUs enable use of the Lightning in any environment:

EOU 200 Single Channel

Single channel EOU 200 features two analog outputs (one with volume control for headphones, another with fixed gain for monitor equipment); one pair of ST-style fiber optic connectors; two 3.5 mm sockets (one for analog output, another for headphones); green/red LED voltage indicator. DSP model provides up to 22 dB of real-time ambient noise removal (three levels: low, mid, high). Unit is powered either by internal battery or external DC power supply.

EOU 2500 XLR Multi-Channel Rack-Mount

Ten channel EOU 2500, 19-inch rack-mountable, supports monitoring up to 10 sensors simultaneously. For each channel the unit features one analog (XLR) output connector, one pair of ST-style fiber optic connectors, a +20 dB gain toggle switch, test point and trimmer to enable channel-level sensor tuning for optimal operation. Unit is powered by internal AC/DC power supply.