Crystal™ Crystal™ - EOU 1000 XLR-TRS Stereo Amplifier console front Crystal™ - EOU 1000 XLR-TRS Stereo Amplifier console back

The Crystal offers the lowest self-noise and the lowest sensitivity to vibration available of microphones in its class.

In conventional microphones of the same size and weight (for example, condenser types), excess noise and vibration can wreak havoc with sound quality and overall fidelity. This problem is caused by their need for a proportionately large membrane. It's the relatively high mass density of the membrane that reduces output quality.

The Crystal is based on our patented fiber optic principle, which requires only a microscopic pinpoint membrane to function. In practical terms, this not only eliminates excess noise and vibration, but also reproduces high frequencies more clearly and artifact-free than any conventional microphone of its size.

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