Active Noise Cancelling Headphones System

Product Highlights

  • Modified ANC removes a total >40 dB of main harmonics of MRI noise, achieving >30 dB of noise suppression
  • Integrated inflatable MultiPAD
  • Two audio drivers for high audio fidelity
  • Improved noise reduction algorithm for FOMRI microphone
  • Latest OptiMRI 3.6 software, bundled with OptoACTIVE for wider frequency range support (up to 44.1 kHz, 16 bit) with very low latency of FOMRI recordings
  • Fits any head size
  • Minimum rigid connection between headphones and coil enables minimal noise and vibration transmission to the headphones and skull
  • Inflatable pads allow for exact positioning
  • Subject can control pressure of inflatable pads

With or Without Head Band

  • The headphones are suitable for use with large head coils (with 8/12/20 channels) and with small heads
  • Detachable frame and headband
  • Detachable inflatable pads and cloth cover (for replacement after 12 months)

As thin as your mobile phone

  • Thinnest headphones available
  • 0.4 inches total thickness
  • 20 dB of passive attenuation
  • Designed for slim head coils (32/64 channel head coils, Nova medical coils)
  • Detachable cushioning (for replacement every 6 months)

Integrated inflatable MultiPAD ensures:

  • Maximum space available inside the slim coils for any sized head
  • Minimum rigid connection between headphones and coil (minimizing noise can vibration)
  • Full control over head fixation position
  • Full control by subject for comfort