OptiRhythm MR Stethoscope

MR Compatible Stethoscope for Heartbeat Monitoring
A natural derivation of our pioneering work in optical sensing systems

Product Highlights

The OptiRhythm stethoscope combines the capabilities of our microphones and accelerometers into a device specifically tailored to the needs of cardiac specialists in MR environments.

OptiRhythm provides accurate gated cardiac and respiration data during a MR scan, regardless of the extremely high noise and sound pressure levels that are reached.

  • Enables cardiac EKG and respiration gating during the highest SPL phases of a scan
  • Easily strapped to a patient, effective on top of clothing
  • Provides clear separation of both low (<100 Hz) and high (>100 dB) frequencies
  • Real-time analog output supports post-scan analysis using standard software
  • Designed and developed specifically for medical environments
  • Certified absolute EMI/RFI immunity
  • Optical fiber connection over extended lengths without signal loss
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Robust, cost-effective solution

Cardiac & Lung Data in Real Time

The OptiRhythm sensor is primarily an accelerometer, capturing the the audio energy of the heart inside the chest cavity by measuring structural vibrations.

To deliver useful gating data, OptiRhythm's frequency response captures two separate frequency ranges:

  • the very low energy range for structural and heart sounds (20-40 Hz), and
  • a high energy range portion for scanner acoustic noise (greater than 100 dB).

Manipulating these ranges using high and low pass filters makes it possible to retain separation and produce very accurate gating.

The stethoscope is attached to a patient with a simple strap and collects data effectively when worn on top of clothing. Like all Optoacoustics optical fiber sensors, OptiRhythm is completely passive and is immune to EMI/RFI.