IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Headset IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Headset IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Wall Unit IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Clip-On Personal Control Unit IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Control Console IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Electro Optical Unit IMROC IR™ - IMROC-IR Battery Charger

Our second generation IMROC brings wireless IR mobility as well as unsurpassed
clarity to MRI communications:

  • Lightweight fiber optical headphones. With its multi-channel adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation, IMROC brings hands-free, full duplex communications between MRI scanner and control rooms
  • Wall-mounted diffuse IR transmitters mean no cables or wires, in fact complete freedom of movement in the MRI suite
  • Personal control unit for each doctor supports channel selection, microphone muting and headphone volume control
  • Control room mixing console supports full duplex communication among doctors and technologists, and also enables control over the interactive environment: muting participants, adjusting noise reduction, adjusting a patient’s music volume.
  • Built-in MP4 stereo entertainment system, to make patient comfort complete
  • Class 1 Laser System, US FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Completely safe, field-proven, certified EMI/RFI immunity