FOSA™ Vibration Monitoring FOSA™ Vibration Monitoring FOSA™ Vibration Monitoring

FOSA fiber optic accelerometers bring powerful early detection capabilities to hydro generators, power plants, turbines and other industrial capital equipment, to effectively prevent destructive and costly failures.

  • Completely passive, optical fiber sensor with no electrical parts
  • Absolute EMI/RFI immunity
  • Exceptionally low noise density
  • Standard analog output
  • Tooled for harsh conditions: high temperature, high voltage, high RF, high volatility, high corrosion
  • Outstanding reliability and environmental stability
  • Optical fiber connection over extended lengths without signal loss
  • Maintenance free, long-term, cost-effective solution

Based on a fiber optics platform, FOSA enables sensing signals to be transmitted reliably over
very long distances, making them excellent for permanent remote monitoring installations, indoors or outdoors.