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MRI-Guided Device Leader Imricor Partners to Promote
IMROC-IR™ Sales in Cardiac Intervention Facilities

August 2020

Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (ASX:IMR) the global leader in MRI-guided cardiac ablation products, has announced a collaboration with Optoacoustics Ltd to advance sales of the IMROC-IR Wireless Multichannel Communication System to its customers.


IMROC-IR being used together with Imricor's Vision-MR Abalation Catheter.


Imricor products are specifically designed to work under real-time MRI guidance to enable higher success rates as well as faster and safer treatment compared to conventional procedures using x-ray guided catheters. Imricor is the first and only company to offer cardiac ablation devices for use in the MRI environment.

"Optoacoustics is a well-known company in the communication space. The technology is very innovative and supports our overall strategy of bringing cardiac interventions into the iCMR," said Nick Twohy, Imricor’s Director of Marketing.

IMROC provides wireless noise cancelling MRI headsets that can be used by up to 8 participants simultaneously, including the patient. The system was developed specifically for use in interventional MR environments.

The IMROC-IR System is the first multichannel wireless audio system in the world to operate without RF. The system uses optical fiber-based light transmission for communication with no impact on MRI imaging, enabling calm, clear dialog between doctors and technicians.

"We’re thrilled and excited – it’s hard to imagine a better fit for IMROC," said Optoacoustics CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana. "Imricor’s advances in cardiac catheter ablation highlight the productive benefits of simple, comfortable communications among iCMR staff, and IMROC provides the most effective and robust noise cancelling solution available."

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Scalable Wireless MRI Headsets Bring
IMROC™ Boldly into Clinical MRI at ISMRM 2017

April 2017

Following dozens of iMRI research installations, Optoacoustics' will bring a fully scalable version of its wireless IMROC-IR™ Communications System to clinical MRI practitioners at the 25th Annual ISMRM Meeting in Honolulu next week.

The IMROC system's multi-channel noise canceling features enables doctors, staff and patients to converse freely during MRI scans as an essential component of interventional MRI suites. With its wireless IMROC-IR in 2011, Optoacoustics pioneered complete 'walk-and-talk' communications flexibility to as many as 8 participants in the most advanced MRI environments.

"For years, working together productively in MRI was stilted by the unbearable noise," explains Dr. Yuvi Kahana, CEO of Optoacoustics. "Our multi-channel headsets got everyone talking again – no more yelling or hand signals. It works great and we've now scaled the System down to make it possible for smaller hospitals and clinics to add the IMROC to their MRI facilities."


With patient comfort an increasingly critical requirement for successful MRI scans, the IMROC-IR provides not only a quieter and calmer experience, but also the ability to casually converse with others from inside the bore. And its multi-channel capability enables fully selectable dialogs between anyone in the MRI suite.

"Even the youngest patients can stay in constant contact with their parents during the scan," Kahana adds. "We're very excited about the potential for introducing our wireless headsets to facilities of all sizes."

Like Optoacoustics' other MRI communications systems, IMROC is considered the gold standard both for its high sound quality and day-to-day working robustness. IMROC is US FDA 510(k) cleared.

The System will be demonstrated at ISMRM Booth 428.

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IMROC-IR™ Enables Landmark iCMR Live Case
at SCRM 2017 in Washington DC

February 2017

Optoacoustics' IMROC-IR™ Communications System played a key part in the historic first Live Case that was presented at this year's Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) 20th Annual Scientific Session.

The live Right Atrial Catheterization was broadcast to plenary attendees at Gaylord National Convention Center directly from the Interventional Cardiac MRI suite of Childrens National Hospital in Washington DC, using the IMROC-IR System.

Along with it's established role of enabling comfortable dialogs among doctors and staff in the MRI Suite, IMROC also enabled real-time interactions between doctors and a panel of experts at the plenary.


> View a video excerpt from the February 3rd Live Case here.

This is the first time an interventional MRI cardiac procedure has been broadcast live to such a large audience of doctors and radiologists, and underscores the critical growth of interest in the development of iCMR procedures, which are already producing unprecedented clinical successes.

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Optoacoustics Shows Two New Flagship Product Releases
at OHBM 2016 in Geneva

June 2016

Optoacoustics will present major new capabilities for its flagship fMRI products at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, June 26-30:

  • New FOMRI-III+ with completely automatic recording and accurate speech synchronization for any TTL or stimulus — the most comprehensive new feature set to be added to this best- selling real-time noise cancellation microphone since its 2009 introduction.
  • New OptoACTIVE-II™ with even slimmer and quieter headphones which fit any head coil (32- or 64-channel) available today, together with software improvements that strengthen its place as the world's most advanced active noise cancelling communication system for fMRI.

"Not long ago, we told customers they'd soon be able to hear their patients whispering during EPI, and with our latest product developments for FOMRI-III+ and OptoACTIVE-II, that is exactly what they can do," Optoacoustics CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana explains. "We're continuing to bring the most practical, creative and easy-to-use solutions to fMRI researchers from every field of study — it's what Optoacoustics has become known for."

During OHBM 2016, the company will also introduce its OptiMOTION™ accelerometer, enabling extremely precise measurement of head movements during fMRI and EEG procedures.

See Optoacoustics at OHBM Booth 23.

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Join us at OHBM in Honolulu for
a Live Demonstration of OptoACTIVE™

June 2015

Experience the OptoACTIVE™ Active Noise Control Communications System first-hand with a personal demo at the upcoming Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Conference, June 14-18th, 2015 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Booth 213.

OptoACTIVE offers ultra-slim active noise control headphones, designed to fit the 32- and 64- channel head coils, that remove over 95 percent of MRI scanner EPI gradient noise, both passively and actively.

"For the first time, we're offering everyone at HBM the opportunity to individually hear how OptoACTIVE eliminates most scanner noise and see how it can enhance your stimulus transmissions," CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana says. "We invite everyone to stop by Booth 213 for a demo. It's also the best way to see how easy the OptoACTIVE System is to use."

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OptoACTIVE is already operating in many of the world's most advanced MR suites, providing outstanding ear protection combined with high fidelity audio and flexible control features that enhance research and clinical outcomes.

Watch the OptoACTIVE Console in operation »

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OptoACTIVE™ Noise Canceling Headphones Ideal
for Newest High Resolution MRI Head Coils

May 2014

Optoacoustics has released its OptoACTIVE™ Active Noise Control Communications System with slim headphones, ideal for high resolution head coils used in ultra-high-field MRI, CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana has announced.

The next-generation OptoACTIVE offers ultra-slim active noise control headphones, designed to fit the 32- and 64- channel head coils that are used in 7-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging machines, the most advanced MR diagnostics equipment available for research environments today.

Optoacoustics will show the new OptoACTIVE™ Active Noise Control Communications System at the upcoming Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Conference in Hamburg, Germany, June 8-12th, at Booth 28.

"With our recent installations in Japan and the US, we validated our ultra-high-field generation OptoACTIVE systems to great satisfaction and acclaim," Kahana said. "OHBM is the perfect place to announce this outstanding technical achievement. No other MR safe device today offers both the ear protection and high fidelity audio that our ANC headphones provide, and now for ultra-high-field scanners."

The new headphones solve the problem of newer, tight-fitting 32/64-channel head coils, which make it difficult to use passive noise reduction materials, such as foam and plastic, to protect the patient's hearing during a scan. OptoACTIVE headphones remove more than 95 percent of the scanner's EPI gradient noise both passively and actively, yet are still thin enough to be worn inside these head coils.

Watch the OptoACTIVE Console in operation »

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IMROC IR™ Wireless Wireless Multi-Channel Communication System
to be Offered at iMRI Symposium 2012

September 2012

Optoacoustics will formally launch the fully wireless IR-based version of its pioneering IMROC multichannel communications system at the ninth Interventional MRI (iMRI) Symposium later this month at Harvard Medical School in Boston, CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana has announced.

This next generation version of IMROC eliminates the need for communications cabling which can limit radiologists' movement in the iMRI suite, and also provides new features to bring added efficiency and productivity to the System. Like its predecessor, the IMROC IR system does not generate RF interference of any kind.

"IMROC IR is the most advanced MRI communications system available today," Kahana said. "It brings the ultimate level of freedom and flexibility to doctors, technicians and patients in any MRI environment. As our development partners have found, it's especially suited to today's most advanced interventional and interoperational MRI suites, where clear, full duplex communications are absolutely critical."

The ninth Interventional MRI (iMRI) Symposium will be attended by the world's leading MR researchers, doctors and radiologists, who come to share the latest findings and experiences. It is considered one of the leading scientific and technical symposiums in the field. Optoacoustics is an event sponsor.


Multi-Channel Optical Communication System
Receives 510(k) Clearance from US FDA

May 2012

Optoacoustics’ multi-channel optical communication system components IMROC™, IMROC IR™ Wireless and OptoACTIVE™ have been cleared for marketing in the US by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Receipt of 510(k) clearance enables broader sales and distribution of these flagship devices — as well as the industry-leading FOMRI-III microphone — in advanced MRI, iMRI and fMRI facilities.

In marking the achievement CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana said, "The FDA clearance for our leading medical division products opens up an exciting new era for Optoacoustics. I expect that we'll see very keen interest from MR professionals in the US. Now they can dramatically expand their research and work more efficiently without EPI noise."

The company intends to make it's ground-breaking OptoACTIVE™ active noise cancelling headphones available commercially during the summer of 2012.


Advanced IMROC™ Multi-Channel MRI Communication System
is Featured Siemens Accessory for RSNA 2011

November 2011

Siemens AG has chosen Optoacoustics’ IMROC™ Multi-Channel Communication System as a featured accessory for its MAGNETOM family of MRI scanners, and will promote the System at their Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2011 conference booth in Chicago.

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IMROC™, FOMRI-III™ and OptoACTIVE™ Systems Certified
as Suitable for Siemens MAGNETOM

April 2011

Following rigorous testing, SIEMENS AG has declared that Optoacoustics' IMROC, FOMRI-III and OptoACTIVE systems are compatible and safe for use in Siemens AG MRI systems worldwide, and finds them suitable for use specifically in their MAGNETOM family of products.


Optoacoustics Awarded ISO 9000, ISO 13485 Certification Status

October 2010

Optoacoustics has been awarded both ISO 9000 (2008) and ISO 13485 (2003) certifications by the Institute of Quality Control (IQC). The recognition affirms Optoacoustics as a company that carefully monitors and improves the quality of its products using a fully-compliant Quality Management System.

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Wireless Version of IMROC™ MRI Communication System
for Interventional iMRI is Announced

September 2010

Site testing has begun on a fully wireless version of the pioneering IMROC multichannel communications system for iMRI environments, CEO Dr. Yuvi Kahana has announced. Attending IMRI 2010 in Leipzig, Germany, Kahana detailed the progress that has been made on Optoacoustics' next-generation IMROC system, which uses wireless technology developed specifically for the MR suite. The new system effectively eliminates the need for communications cabling which can limit radiologists' movement in the suite.

"As the demand for our IMROC has grown, by far the greatest number of requests have focused on eliminating the fiber optic cables used to safely conduct communications." Kahana said. "Our new wireless system fulfills those requests, as well as many others.

The eighth Interventional MRI (iMRI) Symposium is attended by the world's leading MR researchers, doctors and radiologists, who come to share the latest findings in interventional and interoperative MRI. It is considered one of the leading scientific and technical symposiums in the field. Optoacoustics is an event sponsor.


New Generation Noise Cancelling Optical Microphone Paves Way
for Advanced Brain and Speech Research

November 2009

At RSNA 2009, Optoacoustics announced availability of the FOMRI-III™ dual channel microphone, the most advanced optical microphone available for use in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) environments. The third generation FOMRI represents a major step forward for fiber optic microphone technology, providing the clearest speech quality ever, with low-latency adaptive noise cancelling. The FOMRI-III also introduces the ability to synchronize speech in real time with TTL signal outputs.

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Leading U.S. Cancer Clinic Installs Breakthrough
IMROC™ MRI Communication System

July 2009

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) has installed the leading-edge IMROC Communication System in its Interventional MRI Suite, one of the most advanced facilities of its type in the world.

IMROC is the only system that enables doctors in interventional MRI to work smoothly and quietly during procedures, speaking freely with both technicians and patients.

An unprecedented technological achievement, IMROC uses optical headphones and optical microphones that support up to eight concurrent dialogs, eliminating MRI acoustic gradient noise and providing previously unheard voice quality.

M. D. Anderson is recognized among the leading facilities in cancer research and treatment, and has been cited more than once as the world’s premier cancer center.

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Swiss Firm Micronor Adds FOSA™ Fiber Optical Accelerometers

March 2009

Micronor, a long-time leader in industrial automation components and sensing solutions, will partner with Optoacoustics to supply a comprehensive line of fiber optics-based accelerometers to customers in Switzerland and around the world.

Optoacoustics' FOSA™ accelerometers provide extremely high performance remote monitoring of machine vibration with absolute EMI/RFI immunity. They are ideal for use in power generation and industrial equipment, high voltage areas, hazardous or harsh environments, and aerospace applications.

Micronor is the global "go-to" manufacturer for rotation sensor solutions, supplying industrial automation and motion control products to the industrial commercial and military markets around the world since 1958

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High-SNR Long-Range Outdoor Microphone
for Remote Acoustic Monitoring

May 2007

Optoacoustics' Optimic™ 2190 long-range fiber optical microphone brings high fidelity performance to remote monitoring over distances of 1 km and beyond.

The only commercial microphone of its kind, the Optimic™ 2190 is designed for use in factories, between remote buildings, and in high EMI/RFI or hazardous locations. It is fully ruggedized for outdoor use and reflects Optoacoustics' many years of developing advanced optical microphone components.

Like other Optoacoustics' Optimic™ models, the new device contains no metal or electronic parts, so is completely safe to use in settings where conventional microphones are unsuited or dangerous. The optical microphone communicates via fiber optical cable, so is immune from interference and needs no amplification. It is ideal for applications that can benefit from high SNR and overall excellent response over long ranges.

Different fiber types are available according to the environmental conditions.

Click here for more details on Optoacoustics' Optimic 2190 microphone.


Dual Channel DSP-Based MRI Optical Microphone
for Extremely High Noise Reduction

April 2007

With the availability of its new DSP-based dual channel MRI microphone, Optoacoustics continues to bring innovative and cost-effective new solutions to clinical and scientific functional MRI communities.

The new FOMRI™ dual channel fiber optical microphone features built-in DSP, thus eliminating the need for PC-based signal processing. Researchers and radiologists can now benefit from Optoacoustics' outstanding optical microphone in real-time, at fixed and negligible latencies as low as 10 msec.

The new FOMRI™ connects directly to MRI room speakers, in a 'plug-and-play' style. DSP output means cleaner signals straight to the active loudspeakers. The system is automatic and fully adaptive. The DSP hardware model can also be integrated with Optoacoustics’ OptiMRI™ software, so users can still benefit from software activities like filtering in two modes: real-time and post-process, and also recording the original and the filtered signals in WAV format.

The new system also provides analog outputs for both the main and reference channels, in cases where a researcher uses a custom noise reduction algorithm or wants to record to a local device.

For a limited time, Optoacoustics is offering an economical upgrade option to current owners of our software-based FOMRI™ models.


OptiSLM™ Indoor/Outdoor Sound Level Meters
Bring Advanced Monitoring to New Locales

March 2007

Our new OptiSLM Sound Level Metering systems can be installed in places where conventional SLM instruments are not suited or pose a danger when used.

The OptiSLM 100/200 models bring excellent measurement capabilities for both indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring in medical facilities such as MRI rooms, at industrial sites and power stations, in EMI/RFI sensitive areas, and at hazardous locales such as oil and gas exploration sites. Our new SLM units are compact, self-contained and and their microphones are completely passive. They provide standard A and C weightings at up to 140 dB, and - being based on optical fiber - function perfectly at 100 meter distances and greater.

OptiSLM options are available for operation at high temperatures as well.

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